Wake up.
Next-gen 3D animation
in hours, not weeks.
no cameras, no keyframes.
Next-gen 3D animation
in hours, not weeks.
no cameras, no keyframes.
lifelike motion — at your fingertips
Animate your character at the speed of your imagination
Bring your characters to life Faster With effortless, cutting-edge AI
Private beta launchED Q4 2023

AI-Driven Movement

Uthana blends conventional machine learning and novel generative AI to replace the motion capture process and accelerate your development.

Your Vision, Our Magic

Uthana enhances your aesthetic goals rather than replacing them. Preserve your studio's creative identity with our pre-trained models in combination with your rigs and meshes.

Unrivaled Realism

Uthana's magic extends to all characters, from protagonists to NPCs. Bring players into a game world with lifelike charm that feels alive and immersive down to the tiniest details.

Iterate & Experiment

We empower artists and developers to unleash their vision without constraints. Iterate and experiment effortlessly, refining character movements to perfection in your animation process.


Technical Directors

We understand the burden of animating numerous characters, managing tight budgets, and handling ambitious projects. Uthana's novel AI models empower your team to create production-ready animations without cameras or human intervention. Focus on storytelling and immerse players in unforgettable worlds.

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Character Animators

We understand your creative drive, and recognize the pressures of meeting tight timelines and communicating your vision. Uthana's cutting-edge AI models unlock your potential. Independently craft captivating animations, unleashing your creativity and saving valuable time.

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Studios & Indie Developers

Whether you're an up-and-coming studio under pressure to deliver or are indie developer exploring new opportunities, Uthana empowers you to move faster and reach new horizons with creative experimentation. Uthana levels the playing field by enabling you to create world-class animations so you can enter new arenas and compete without compromise.

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Private beta LAUNCHED Q4 2023
We're working hard to bring you the next generation in gaming realism.
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